Sally Quinn

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Sally Quinn is a Co-founder and Executive Director of Green Collect. Working in the community sector for 10 years before being drawn into the possibilities of social enterprise, Sally has a passion for working alongside people to bring about change for a fairer world.

Over the last 10 years Sally has nurtured and led Green Collect’s development as dynamic business and inclusive workplace. Her passionate, thoughtful & determined approach has made Green Collect a place where people are able not only to gain a job, but the confidence & dignity of meaningful work.

Sally has four children and is actively involved her local community, and loves having a backyard full of kids!!

Darren Andrews

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Darren is a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice and has been instrumental in developing and driving a wide range of sustainability initiatives over the last 18 years. Since its inception in 2002, Darren has managed and directed the development of Green Collect to be an innovative solution to the waste we generate.

Darren has worked as an environmental consultant with BP Australia and Australia Post. He has managed the delivery of extensive waste audits for a number of government departments and corporate entities.

Darren is also actively involved in the life of his local community with Sally and their 4 children.


The Green Collect team is made up of over 60 passionate staff, trainees & volunteers.

We’ll be telling you more about them shortly!


Sue Williams

Manager, Sales and Client Relations

Ben Quinn

Project Manager, Upcycled Products

Ben Keen

Collections Coordinator



Green Collect's objectives

The following objectives drive Green Collect's vision to create opportunities for sustainable environmental and social change:

  • To offer new employment opportunities to people who have experienced significant barriers to employment
  • To develop and deliver services that reduce the amount of waste generated and going to landfill


Our History

As a way of responding to issues of homelessness and disadvantage in Melbourne’s CDB, staff of BP Australia came up with the idea of creating a cork collection service that would provide employment to disadvantaged groups. In 2002, BP Australia funded a 16 week pilot to further identify and develop the project’s feasibility.

The pilot showed the potential for such an enterprise, if combined with other higher value services, (e.g. Green Office services) and led to the development of a cork collection service under the name ‘Green Collect’. At this point key partners were identified and seed funding sought to establish Green Collect as a not-for-profit organisation. In 2002, seed funding was obtained from the Department of Transport and Regional Services, which was received in 2003 through the Collins Street Baptist Benevolent Society Inc, trading as Urban Seed and Green Collect.

In August 2004, this funding contract was successfully completed with excellent social, environmental and financial outcomes. A key indicator of Green Collect’s social impact was the creation of 12 new casual and part-time employment opportunities.

In January 2005 Green Collect went through a time of transition, which included its incorporation as Green Collect Limited. This involved transferring the business from the Collins Street Baptist Benevolent Society Inc to becoming a company limited by guarantee and has allowed Green Collect to move in the directions required to meet its goal of providing increasing numbers of supported employment opportunities through ensuring its activities are viable and sustainable. Operating as a company limited by guarantee provides Green Collect with a framework to support the work involved in delivering environmental services and may allow for the replication of this model with new target groups and different communities.During 2005 Green Collect Limited received endorsement as a public benevolent Institution and as a deductible gift recipient.



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